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Most people love their coffee, and for automotive pros, it’s like their secret sauce. Coffee lovers know that Colombia equals quality, and we’re on a mission to shout it from the rooftops that just like this magical bean, Colombian professionals have a rich blend of value and expertise.

WYN brewed up as an idea back in January 2022 when we noticed the U.S. labor shortage. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to tap into the Colombian talent pool and perk things up.

Because of our previous experience, we kicked things off in the automotive industry, doing cool stuff like video editing and graphic design. But guess what? We didn’t just brew a regular cup; we made a gourmet blend! So decided to expand our flavors to other industries, offering a whole menu of services.

Nowadays, we’re all about serving up talent and results that deserve to be exported. We don’t just pour; we meticulously craft every step.

We’re not your average Cup O’Joe… We’re the team that takes your ideas and turns them into winning campaigns. We’re all about excellence, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”, and we’ve got loads of experience to back it up. We go above and beyond to bring you actual results.


We help local businesses grow with smart and efficient solutions in Colombia.


Become the trusted source of dedicated talent in Colombia while strengthening our community with impactful job opportunities.

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Yourself, and your relationships


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Always bring your best