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Discover an enlightening interview between Venus Toro and Jeff Polo at the prestigious NADA 2024

Learn how we have revolutionized the turnaround time for marketing agencies and dealerships to acquire the talent they critically need. Venus also sheds light on the challenges WYN has surmounted to maintain an exceptional retention rate.

WYN Solutions + Orbee at NADA 2024

In a compelling discussion with Orbee, our CEO Venus Toro shares insights into Wyn Solutions' mission to revolutionize productivity through sustainable growth. Aligning with Orbee's focus on enhancing customer experiences, we're jointly committed to improving digital marketing accessibility and sustainability. Leveraging AI technology, we're advancing operational efficiency and redefining industry standards.

Winning Solutions For Specialized Talent

Join us on 'The Parts Girl Podcast' with Kaylee Felio, where we passionately discuss our commitment to revolutionizing talent solutions in car dealer marketing. Discover how our fervor drives innovative approaches to transforming the automotive industry's talent landscape. Tune in to explore the exciting future of talent solutions in car dealer marketing!

Furniss Fast Lane: Unpacking AI's Impact On Auto Hiring

Join us in this enlightening episode of the 'Facts Not Feelings' podcast with Brooke Furnis, as we delve into the strategic significance of AI in the automotive industry's hiring process. Explore the future of recruitment alongside WYN Solutions and discover how AI, coupled with innovative bilingual hiring strategies, is reshaping the talent landscape. Don't miss out on uncovering the transformative potential AI holds for automotive hiring.

Why AI Training Will Be Success in 2024

Join us in this engaging episode of the InsideAuto Podcast with Ilana Shabtay, where our CEO, Venus Toro, illuminates WYN's dedicated efforts towards fostering AI literacy and equipping every team member with the necessary tools. Discover how WYN is committed to empowering its workforce with AI knowledge and resources, not only streamlining their tasks but also enhancing the quality of outcomes delivered to our valued clients. Tune in to learn more about our proactive approach towards leveraging AI for improved efficiency and client satisfaction.

How This Company Delivers A Win-Win Solution For Dealers

At Digital Dealer 2023, we had the privilege of engaging with CBT News to elucidate WYN's pivotal role as your ultimate resource for all things automotive. Positioned as your trusted partner for 'Whatever you need,' WYN Solutions stands ready to elevate your endeavors. From dynamic motion graphics to meticulous video editing, from strategic marketing enhancements to operational streamlining, WYN takes the wheel, driving your success forward with precision and expertise.

Interview With The Coffee Car Guys

In this insightful interview, our CEO, Venus Toro, delves into WYN's ambitious mission of becoming a pivotal strategic partner for marketing agencies aiming to thrive in the dynamic automotive industry. With a focus on revolutionizing workforce strategies, WYN is dedicated to providing specialized talent that not only propels businesses forward but does so in a cost-effective manner. Discover how WYN is reshaping the landscape of automotive marketing, offering innovative solutions to drive unparalleled success without draining your resources.

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