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What are the benefits of working with WYN?

Boost Quality: Increase your customer's satisfaction level by providing excellent results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Increase Efficiency: Spreading your tasks across our professionals results in fewer errors and a lift in the quality and productivity of your service.

Scale Faster: With our experts taking care of productivity, you can focus your efforts on growing your business.

●You will save up to 30% with our services

●Build your ideal team with specialized marketing talent

●Full-time positions in your same time zone

●Reduce costs while increasing efficiency

●Free time to scale your business

●Customer loyalty due to excellent results

●Boost your productivity

●Reduce costs

●Reach your goals faster

●Promote and grow your business

●Maximize your reach across different digital channels

●Gain a competitive edge in today's business environment

●Work with experts with high English proficiency

What roles can I hire through WYN?

We provide Bilingual professionals in digital marketing, including:

●Social Media Specialists

●Marketing strategists


●Reputation Managers

●Paid Search Specialists

●Digital Marketing Specialists

●Project Manager Coordinators

●Product Manager Coordinators

●Graphic Designers


●Motion Graphic Designers

●UX/UI Designers

How long does it take to build a team?

Your team member(s) will be ready to start working with you in as little as 3 weeks. First, we discuss job description(s) and desired profile to find and recruit suitable candidates. Once we find the right candidate(s), we veil to provide all the necessary technology and tools so they can start working with you immediately.

How is the process of hiring a new team member? Do I get to interview the candidate before hiring?

Here are the basic steps in the hiring process:

1.You provide a job description for the member you need to hire

2.We will have a meeting to discuss your needs and specifications

3.We use our database and others available in the market to find the appropriate candidate

4.We interview several people and present you with the most suitable candidates

5.You will conduct final interviews to choose the profile you like the most

6.We extend an offer of employment to the candidate

7.When the person accepts, we agree on their start day

8.We make sure that the candidate has all the essential tech and tools to develop the job

9.You train the employee based on the particular requirements for the position

How can I ensure quality when hiring employees through WYN?

We strive to select the most qualified candidates available for each position. We seek talent with proper experience and willingness to commit to our client’s projects. To ensurehigh-quality standards, we carry out a series of tests in which candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills. When the employee is part of your team, we follow up and evaluate different aspects such as promptness with deliverables, company adaptability, attitude, and communication skills, among others. We coordinate with the persons in charge of each position and do timely performance reviews to ensure that employees are on track and meeting expectations.

What training should I provide to my new employee?

You should provide training on your company’s history, products, services, processes, software, policies, and all you think that person will need to develop the position. You alsoneed to communicate tasks and responsibilities. We suggest providing employees with plenty of feedback, especially in the early stages and until work adaptation.

What hours do the staff usually work?

Our hours are flexible, and we adapt to your business's requirements and time zones.

Will my new employees have the proper English level?

Yes. We test the candidates’ English level by evaluating grammar, speaking, and listening. We know the importance of fluent communication and can guarantee you will work with people ready to articulate and practice to learn more.

What happens if one of my WYN employees is not performing? How do I performance manage them and replace them if need be?

If you aren’t satisfied with your WYN employee’s performance, we will review the situation and address any concerns directly and immediately.

Will the staff work for multiple clients, or are they dedicated only to my business/projects?

Your WYN employees will be dedicated full-time to your company and projects to ensure quality outcomes, products and results.

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